I am made of dirt. I am feet on the ground, sometimes praying knees. I am a wanderer who is actually lost sometimes. I am made of unruly, wild roots. I am eyes up. I am a dreamer who knows more is out there than what my feet can touch. I am made of dirt – the dirt beneath fingernails, the dirt beneath boots, the dirt making dust on a country road. I am all of it – the dirt. The dirty. We all are, aren’t we? Dirty from the things that make us – from our birth and our childhood but even more the dirt we pick up, that we carry, that we gather from our experiences. And we don’t always know it or understand it at the time, in the season, but nothing grows without a good amount of dirt. And this is more a story about honoring the dirt that helps us, nurtures us, nourishes us, grows us. This is even more a story about where we grow, – our direction toward dreams, toward goals, toward being, toward the wild places. This is a story of celebration for all that I am, that you are. This is a collection of thoughts about staying grounded and about holding space. A guide for planting ourselves in the dirt, for growing into ourselves, for reaching wildly toward something more.

Grow further

Growing The Courage


Kylee Marshall’s story of growth inspires audiences to take a closer look at their own lives. Humor and truth combine in Kylee’s keynote message. Sharing her story of resilience through vulnerability, she invites her audiences to lean into their discomfort and dig into their daily choices with a lens of gratitude. Like her written work, her presentations are intricately crafted through vivid storytelling.


"Rooted" (60 minutes, interactive, Keynote) focuses on how to uproot ourselves from fear and root ourselves in gratitude.

"The Bathtub Talk" (60 minutes, interactive) focuses on how to release and let go in order to move forward with purpose.

"Setting Your Table" (60 minutes, interactive) focuses on authenticity and inviting the right people into your life.

"Social-Emotional Language in Modern Business Communications" (45 minutes, lecture) focuses on the use of language within business communications to keep your organization engaged.

Book Clubs

Bring your copies of Of Dirt and Wildflowers, grab the wine or coffee, and invite Kylee to join you in person or via Zoom to your book club. Be Prepared to snort-laugh, to lean into discomfort, and to practice gratitude.

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