The Journey To Bloom

My story is no different and yet is mine alone: I am a recovering perfectionist learning to love my good enoughs and my I gave it my alls. My story leans into the dirt of my life: poverty, sexual abuse, young motherhood, divorce, womanhood, midlife, and domestic abuse. But my story is more about the space I have taken up in the dirt to grow: resilience, courage, gratefulness, determination, persistence, joy, and love. It is the culmination of my experiences that has led me to live a gratefully joy-filled life.

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Dancing With Life

April is always the idyllic reminder of the beauty in a dance. The two steps forward and the one step back. We throw open windows to welcome a soft breeze sliding down off mountain tops and release layers from our shoulders to let the sun drape itself over our winter...

Be Still

As we walk in this new season of February, along the path to spring and rebirth and renewal, may you let yourself be in whatever season it is you find yourself today.

Holding Space

Slowly and gracefully, with an ease and air of confidence, the Moon rose from behind the Bookcliffs. She held herself effortlessly, suspended somewhere between space and Earth. I, on the other hand, was in a vortex of hurry and rush and lists and obligations and expectations.

Saying Goodbye

Maybe it’s school starting back up or maybe it’s final camping trips or boat outings on the lake. The moon dancing into twilight skies earlier each evening. And I didn’t know it then, despite it feeling different, but this August would be a month of goodbyes.


Blooming There’s this picture of me, taken during a book signing event this last month, and I’m completely unaware that there’s a camera being pointed at me, but I am smiling one of those smiles where your eyes look up and out into an empty space in the room. Into...


This is a season, I keep telling myself. Breathe. Eyes forward. It’s a season chock-full of holding on and of letting go. A season of contradiction – beautiful contradictions that have me holding my breath. Lasts and firsts. Honoring commitments, responsibilities that leave me nearly without breath; and then in the next moment, wanting freedom to run, to fly away and follow my wildest dreams. Roots and wings. This is a season. Big thoughts. And even bigger feelings. Goodbyes and hellos. And I am holding my breath, reminding myself that I need to breathe.


Sometime in the last year, I shifted into a new morning mantra. In the soft and subtle muted light of the table lamp, I wrote in my tattered dogeared journal, Today I will love myself well. It was a gentle tiding, a comforting reminder that I was worth loving....

Cleansing Showers

The saying goes: “April showers bring May flowers,” and really what it’s saying is: “April hope brings May joy.” But actually I think the saying was a way to appease, to calm, to relieve, to pacify. If we just suffer through this month of rain, we shall be rewarded...

Seasons Of Growth

Seasons of Growth As unpredictable and finicky as early spring can be, there is still an indescribable beauty about her arrival, about her promise. And really every season brings their own beauty and their own promise. Like summer with her promise of long days and...

What Now?

I’ve been trying to identify the emotion that sets in, settles in after a setback. And then just when I am to the point of carving out a definition for this emotion – somewhere between sadness and relief, I start wandering, wondering. And someplace near disappointment...

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Growing The Courage


Kylee Marshall’s story of growth inspires audiences to take a closer look at their own lives. Humor and truth combine in Kylee’s keynote message. Sharing her story of resilience through vulnerability, she invites her audiences to lean into their discomfort and dig into their daily choices with a lens of gratitude. Like her written work, her presentations are intricately crafted through vivid storytelling.


"Rooted" (60 minutes, interactive, Keynote) focuses on how to uproot ourselves from fear and root ourselves in gratitude.

"The Bathtub Talk" (60 minutes, interactive) focuses on how to release and let go in order to move forward with purpose.

"Setting Your Table" (60 minutes, interactive) focuses on authenticity and inviting the right people into your life.

"Social-Emotional Language in Modern Business Communications" (45 minutes, lecture) focuses on the use of language within business communications to keep your organization engaged.

Book Clubs

Bring your copies of Of Dirt and Wildflowers, grab the wine or coffee, and invite Kylee to join you in person or via Zoom to your book club. Be Prepared to snort-laugh, to lean into discomfort, and to practice gratitude.

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