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Kylee Marshall’s story of growth inspires audiences to take a closer look at their own lives. Humor and truth combine in Kylee’s keynote message. Sharing her story of resilience through vulnerability, she invites her audiences to lean into their discomfort and dig into their daily choices with a lens of gratitude. Like her written work, her presentations are intricately crafted through vivid storytelling.


(60 minutes, interactive, Keynote) focuses on how to uproot ourselves from fear and root ourselves in gratitude

The Bathtub Talk

(60 minutes, interactive) focuses on how to release and let go in order to move forward with purpose

Setting Your Table

(60 minutes, interactive) focuses on authenticity and inviting the right people into your life

Social Emotional Language in Modern Business Communications

(45 minutes, lecture) focuses on the use of language within business communications to keep your organization engaged

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I invite you to grow over the course of seven days with my 1 Week to Bloom Workbook. Join me in this opportunity to grow – in your life and in your business!


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