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“And we don’t always know it or understand it at the time, in the season, but nothing grows without a good amount of dirt.”

Life is dirty and then it’s beautiful and wild. Learning to overcome life’s obstacles and tribulations, Kylee Marshall weaves a delicately crafted story about finding the beauty in our dirt and the courage to grow wildly. In Of Dirt and Wildflowers, Kylee helps you …

  • revisit the stories of your past—the stories that others told you, that you created, that you told yourself
  • embrace the current season of your life—the day-to-day, the mundane, the present tense
  • aspire toward your future—the dreams that wake you, the hopes you carry, the wild risks
  • and above all, to stop being the perfectionist that is sucking the joy out of truly living

Poetic and laced with imagery, Of Dirt and Wildflowers reminds us that life is less about the dirt in which we were planted and more about the space we take up as we grow.

Meet Kylee

Author & Speaker 

My story is no different and yet is mine alone: I am a recovering perfectionist learning to love my good enoughs and my I gave it my alls. My story digs into the dirt of my life: poverty, sexual abuse, young motherhood, divorce, womanhood, midlife, and domestic abuse. But my story is more about the space I have taken up in the dirt to grow: resilience, courage, gratefulness, determination, persistence, joy, and love.

It has been my experience that life will confound us all with its beauty and with its devastation and with its wonder and with its earth-shattering tragedies. We walk together in the human experience while also trekking our own paths to our own destinies to the tune of our own passions.

As an educator for seventeen years, I taught English Literature and Composition to high school and middle school students — a lifelong dream to help students find their voices. Throughout my years as an educator, I spoke publicly on many platforms including a presentation for education reform in Washington, DC.

In 2018, I made the leap from education to real estate where I manage transactions for a top real estate team in Western Colorado. I specialize in organizational structures and engage with clients as they navigate the homebuying and selling journey.

In June of 2023, my first published work, Of Dirt and Wildflowers, was released. It is the culmination of my experiences that has led me to live a gratefully joy-filled life.

It is my greatest aspiration to lead others to the wildflower fields of their lives through interactive presentations focused on doing the personal work it requires to see dirt for what it is — a place to grow.

Grow further

Growing The Courage


Kylee Marshall’s story of growth inspires audiences to take a closer look at their own lives. Humor and truth combine in Kylee’s keynote message. Sharing her story of resilience through vulnerability, she invites her audiences to lean into their discomfort and dig into their daily choices with a lens of gratitude. Like her written work, her presentations are intricately crafted through vivid storytelling.


"Rooted" (60 minutes, interactive, Keynote) focuses on how to uproot ourselves from fear and root ourselves in gratitude.

"The Bathtub Talk" (60 minutes, interactive) focuses on how to release and let go in order to move forward with purpose.

"Setting Your Table" (60 minutes, interactive) focuses on authenticity and inviting the right people into your life.

"Social-Emotional Language in Modern Business Communications" (45 minutes, lecture) focuses on the use of language within business communications to keep your organization engaged.

Book Clubs

Bring your copies of Of Dirt and Wildflowers, grab the wine or coffee, and invite Kylee to join you in person or via Zoom to your book club. Be Prepared to snort-laugh, to lean into discomfort, and to practice gratitude.

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